July 26, 2023 | Categories: Breed Profiles

Understanding the Chihuahua Breed | Furry Babies Portage

Chihuahua Breed Overview Chihuahua puppies are hard to ignore with their adorable looks and spirited personalities. If you plan to welcome one into your home, here are a few important things to know. A Peek into Their Past Marked as a national symbol of Mexico, Chihuahuas owe their name to the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where the breed was first […]

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May 16, 2023 | Categories: Breed Profiles

Pomeranian: The Enchanting and Energetic Small Breed

Pomeranians, often lovingly called “Poms,” have charmed dog enthusiasts with their petite stature, luxurious coats, and vivacious personalities. This comprehensive article will explore the background and origins, physical attributes, temperament and behavior, grooming and maintenance, training, and socialization requirements of Pomeranians. Origins and Development Pomeranians originated from the historical region of Pomerania, which is now part of present-day Germany and […]

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April 16, 2023 | Categories: Breed Profiles

French Bulldog: The Adorable and Loyal Companion Breed

French Bulldogs, also known as Frenchies, have recently become popular among pet lovers. These adorable pups are known for their unique physical features, playful personalities, and affectionate nature. This article will explore the history and origins, personality and temperament, care and maintenance, training, and socialization needs. History and Origins Although the name suggests French origin, French Bulldogs have roots in […]

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March 16, 2023 | Categories: Breed Profiles

Urban Pups: Why Miniature Poodles Thrive in Urban Environments.

Have you been searching for a dog that can keep up with the fast-paced city lifestyle? Well, look no further than the Miniature Poodle. These cute pups might have been bred for hunting in the countryside; they have adapted just fine to the hustle and bustle of urban living. This article will examine the Miniature Poodle and why they are […]

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